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Caffeine, Mood & Emotion

A recent scientific review suggests that repeated administration of 75mg of caffeine (the equivalent of one cup of coffee) every 4 hours can result in a pattern of sustained improvement of mood over the day. A dose-related improvement in subjective measures of calmness and interest were found after consuming caffeine, suggesting that mood improvement may depend on baseline arousal.

Iced Coffee Popsicles

I’ve been drinking iced coffee like it’s my job lately, because it’s just so good... and I guess it is my job. So I thought I would experiment with turning them into popsicles, just for fun. And it worked!

6 Reasons To Drink More Iced Coffee

Iced coffee tends to be shunned by the wellness chasers, brushed aside for golden lattes and frothy iced matchas and even artisanal kombucha tonics. But before you put the clutch on your iced coffee klatch, there are some good reasons to have another cup of iced coffee—or 3.