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Our vision is widening the scope of our activity by winning customers recognition on international markets, providing them with the best quality products. Thinking of people who face new challenges every day, we offer the product that quickly and easily provides them with both:energy and pleasure of coffee drinking.

• bdb Variety Pack•

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It’s a ice coffee of classic Italian coffee flavor and aroma. With a precisely written recipe, it’s scent suits the most posh need. Perfect combination of coffee, milk and chocolate gives you a unique value of BDB Coffee Cappuccino.

Caffeine content: 102 mg/240 ml

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It’s a coffee with milk of unique flavour and unforgettable aroma. Made of grains imported from South America, BDB Coffee Macchiato has the original value of classic coffee. The quickness and simplicity of preparation. Just take your can, shake before opening and help yourself.

Caffeine content: 126 mg/240 ml

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It’s a vanilla flavoured ice coffee with milk and sugar. Carefully selected ingredients and addition of vanilla give our coffee a subtle scent and a delicate taste. As well as all BDB Coffees, it requires no effort to be prepared.

Caffeine content: 89 mg/240 ml

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We have a winner.  This fabulous Robusta and Arabica iced coffee is delicious.  I found myself sipping it slowly just to savor it.  Like a rarely excellent dessert. 

J. Roark

The macchiato arrived Friday and I had it for the first time this morning.  Outstanding!  That is really great coffee! 

S Rose

bdb coffee is simply the best! The coffee is made with the highest quality and care.

L Sanford